contributed to the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided soundtrack, ultimately providing the entire score for Deus Ex: Breach, which was released as a stand-alone title. 

The entire 11 track Deus Ex: Breach OST has been released for free on soundcloud, where you can stream the music, and also find full-quality FLAC downloads of each track.

In 2009, Ed released the Neotokyo OST, the soundtrack to the cyberpunk FPS Neotokyo, developed by Studio Radi-8.

This was his first foray into electronic music, and his first musical release. It received a limited CD release and remains available on digital platforms.

Available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital services. Downloads are available via Bandcamp

created the score for the 2011 animated short film Lucky Day Forever, directed by Alek Wasilewski. The film conjures a distinctive dystopian theme and atmosphere, and features the track ‘Footprint’ from Neotokyo.