Music composition & production lessons

   Ed Harrison is offering one-on-one tuition via skype, and in person to those local to Sydney, Australia, in music composition, production, mixing and working in the digital space. 

Students can learn how to create music on a computer, from the first fragment of an idea, all the way to a fully arranged, produced and mixed track ready for use in albums, film, television, video games or other digital media. He can also provide detailed analysis and feedback on your work.

Lessons are offered to anyone from absolute beginners, to more advanced musicians wishing to learn digital production techniques. Suitable for artists in many styles and genres, especially those seeking to develop their own unique styles from eclectic influences.

Beginner piano\keyboard lessons can also be incorporated, as a midi keyboard is an invaluable tool in digital music creation.

Lessons may focus on:

– Melody writing 
– Chords and Harmony
– Instrumentation

– Capturing mood and emotion 
– Building texture and atmosphere
– Storytelling and symbolic representation in music

– Working with virtual instruments 
– Working with software synthesizers
– Recording acoustic instruments 

– Mixing techniques (dynamics, EQ, creative effects) 
– Creating interactive \ dynamic scores for videogames
– SFX sound design and foley

– Dealing with creative blockages 
– Constructive self-criticism vs self-doubt
– Maintaining growth, challenging yourself and venturing outside comfort zones